Saturday Night Live proves “Laughter is the Best Medicine” VIDEOS

Last week, President Biden paid tribute to the 500K+ Americans lost to Covid-19 in a moving ceremony at the White House. He ordered flags lowered to half-staff for five days in a sign of national solidarity and mourning.

(video still)

Last night, Saturday Night Live proved that “tragedy plus time equals comedy.” As we mark the one-year anniversary of pandemic taking hold in America, SNL managed to start finding some humor it.  Then again, SNL would find the humor in the sinking of the Titanic because they didn’t have enough dry towels.

SNL’s cold opening lampooned our “race to vaccinate” with the mixed messages, confusion with eligibility, and four faces of the pandemic into what else, a gameshow!


Guest host, Nick Jonas even managed to make Covid comedy with a song parody from Les Miz in his opening monologue.



But maybe Nick shouldn’t have made the debut performance of his new single, “Spaceman” at 30 Rock.  #ItsBeenDone

Dr. Leo Spaceman

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