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‘Reno 911!: It’s a Wonderful Heist’ Premiers this Weekend: TRAILER

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas; but what happens in Reno has become irreverent, outrageous, and hilarious fodder for the Reno 911! franchise.

And it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The committed officers (or at least they should be!) of the Reno Sherriff’s Department are back in a new Christmas movie that is sure to have Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart spinning in their graves.

Reno 911!: It’s a Wonderful Heist premiers on Comedy Central on Saturday, December 3rd at 8/7c and then streaming on Paramount+.

(screen grab: Terry the “Angel” and Lt Dangle


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Here’s how IBDM summarizes the holiday mishigaas going on the Biggest Little City in the World.

“It’s Holiday Season in Reno, and Lieutenant Dangle wishes he’d never been born. With the help of a roller skating “Angel,” he learns how much better the lives of the other deputies would be if he never existed. Will he decide to live on anyway? There’s still Christmas criminals to catch.”

After watching the trailer all we can say is “O Holy Shit!”


Thomas Lennon, the one and only, the fabulous Lieutenant Dangle posted this on Instagram



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What’s left to say but…

God boof us, every one!


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