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Randy Rainbow’s “Don’t Arraign on His Parade!” Is Like Quipped Buttuh

Like indictments in Fulton Country, we knew that eventually Randy Rainbow would drop a new song parody on the four time criminally indicted, Donald Trump.  With his latest “Don’t Arraign on His Parade!” He uses his BDE (Big Diva Energy) to channel, not only Barbra Streisand, but Babs in her most iconic role that made her a legend in Funny Girl.

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Though with Randy Rainbow dragging Trump, the whole show could be revised and called, Donny, Gurrl!  Here’s the concept.  Democratic country, the envy of the world, falls for self-centered conman who gets arrested and sent to prison for fraud, leaving it heartbroken.  It has definite possibilities, and the songs practically rewrite themselves.

(screen capture)

“He’s the Greatest Fraud”

“Who’s the American POTUS Don,

And an American POTUS con,

With 91 charges on?

All eyes on Georgia, for when

One shot, one mug shot and then

Hey, Fani Willis… get your man!”


Randy, have your people call my people to setup a meeting.  LOL


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