Pride Profile: Dr. Dean Hamer and the Gay Gene

Dr. Dean Hamer


b. 1951

If there is one thing gay people have always known, it is that being gay was never a “choice;” but it wasn’t until 1993, when geneticist and HIV/AIDS researcher, Dr. Dean Hamer, published the first direct evidence of the “gay gene,” xq28 located on the X chromosome.  His research lead him to publish several well reviewed books targeted at a general readership including, The Science of Desire: The Search for the Gay Gene and the Biology of Behavior.  With husband Joe Wilson, Dean Hamer formed film company, Qwaves in 2005 and their first feature film, Out In Silence, won several awards including the PBS Independent Lens Shorts Festival, Seeds of Tolerance Award and an Emmy Award.

 “How you feel right now is about equally genetic and circumstantial, but how you will feel on average over the next ten years is fully 80 percent because of your genes.” — Dean Hamer

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