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Podcast: SURVIVOR Contestant Jackson Fox

In this episode of The Randy Report podcast,  I chat with Jackson Fox, the first openly transgender man to compete on the long-running reality competition, SURVIVOR.

In my exclusive one-on-one chat with the 48-year-old healthcare worker from Texas, Jackson opens up about the adventure of a lifetime that is SURVIVOR.

From coming out as trans to his tribe on the first night of the season to the realities of sleeping on bamboo, competing in challenges, and more.

As fans of the show know at this point – SPOILER ALERT…

Jackson was removed from the show early on in the game due to a health issue (that had nothing to do with being trans). Jackson goes into detail about how all of that played out, how it felt to watch it unfold with the television audience and more.

Hit the play button for my conversation with SURVIVOR’s Jackson Fox.

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Randy Slovacek

Randy Slovacek is the owner & editor of The Randy Report covering the daily news cycle in terms of politics, pop culture and entertainment news of interest to the LGBTQ community. He's also a senior editor at Instinct Magazine.

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