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Pete Buttigieg’s Plan for Winning the Democratic Nomination: ABC Nightline Interview

Now that all the glitter of Pride has settled, it’s back to the serious business of saving America and selecting the best Democratic presidential candidate to win in 2020.  Though still early in the race, some candidates are catching the attention of voters, but few are capturing the imagination like Mayor Pete Buttigieg whose authenticity and forthright honesty make him a standout.

After the police shooting of a black man in South Bend pulled Mayor Pete off the campaign trail, he has responded to questions about his disconnect with the black community by releasing “The Douglass Plan, A Comprehensive Investment in the Empowerment of Black America.”

Learn more about The Douglass Plan HERE 

But more than just a social justice warrior, what makes Pete Buttigieg command attention is anyway you look at it, Mayor Pete is simply fascinating.  He can pick up a guitar for an impromptu jam session or sit down at the piano and play Chopin; a Rhode’s Scholar and an Iraq combat veteran; a self-professed tech junkie who speaks seven languages fluently; and a rustbelt mayor with a husband and two rescue dogs.

Mayor Pete sat down with ABC News’ Matt Guttman for a one-on-one interview about weathering his critics, The Douglass Plan, and how he’s going to win the Democratic nomination.

Watch the full Nightline interview HERE
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