Openly Gay Man running for Mayor of Westboro Baptist Church’s Hometown

It’s hard to imagine any LGBT American who doesn’t know Westboro Baptist Church as the ultra-hate mongers who picketed in Orlando after the Pulse nightclub massacre; outside Matthew Sheppard’s funeral; and at military soldier’s funerals with their notorious “GOD HATES FAGS” signs.”  Many efforts have been made to irk the inbred, mouth breathers like Pride House located across the street from the WBC compound who painted their house in the rainbow colors.  Well, the WBC just may find the ultimate “pebble in their shoe” as they walk their path of self-righteous hate. 

Chris Schultz, who is openly gay, announced his candidacy last week for Mayor of Topeka, Kansas.  (Wait till WBC finds out he’s a nice Jewish boy to boot!)  But this is no stunt.  Schultz is a local entrepreneur and totally committed to his bid for office.

According to,

“The candidate is well-known locally due to his involvement in community projects as well as his two restaurant businesses, the Break Room and Field of Greens.

Launching his bid, he said: I’m asking for your support to serve you and the city I support as Mayor.”

Recalling his involvement in local community projects, he added: “Genuine leaders start in the trenches, earning the privilege to lead because of the sacrifices they’ve made.”

“I grew up knowing what it was to be a minority. I was left-handed, red-headed, partially-Jewish and gay. Despite the stereotypes from a life of hiding and shame, my traditional Kansas values wanted me to be with one person for the rest of my life. I just dreamed about Prince Charming instead of Snow White.”

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(Main photo credit: Thad Allton/The Capital Journal)

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