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MUST WATCH: ‘Teenage Dream’ the New PSA about Gun Violence Awareness in Our Schools

What was your teenage dream?

For most of us it was about making the team, getting casting the play, passing calculus, having a date for prom, and/or just fitting in.  Today it’s much more basic, not getting shot at school.

We practiced fire and tornado drills.  Teenagers today must practice active shooter drills, and their younger siblings too.  According to Education Week as of September 13, 2021, there have already been seven school shootings in America since the current academic year began last month.


When there is a shooting, its casualties are reported in, measured by, and remember for its fatalities; but the wounded are easily forgotten.  It’s as if they will simply heal and move on.  Our Community remembers the 49 who died at the Pulse massacre in Orlando, but who remembers how many were wounded?  We looked it up.  There were 53 and they were only the ones with visible wounds.

Today, Sandy Hook Promise released their new Gun Violence Awareness PSA, “Teenage dream.”  It focuses on the survivors of school gun violence who bear wounds both visible and not.  GMA’s Amy Robach sat down with the creators and participants for a preview of this powerful and gut-wrenching PSA.


“Gun violence shouldn’t be part of growing up.” – Sandy Hook Promise



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