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MANCANDY: Ben Cohen 2020 “Limited Edition” Calendar

One of theOUTfront’s perennial mancandy, calendar favorites is long time LGBT ally, founder of the StandUp Foundation, and rugger of our dreams, Ben Cohen.  If past years are any indication, the limited edition 2020 calendar (only 1000 printed) will sell out quickly.

Ben Cohen in his tighty whities is bound to start anyone’s New year of right.

Order your copy of Ben Cohen 2020 HERE!

Here’s a look back at some of Ben’s Best over the years


But hands down this is still our favorite photo of all time

He’s recently started opening up about his deafness.


Here he is in a smokin’ hot performance on “Strictly Come Dancing”


Wanna be like Ben?  Now you can with this at home workout video!


But we need just a little more of his furry godness er… um goodness.

Follow Ben on Twitter @RugbyBenCohen on Facebook and Instagram 

Follow the work of his StandUp Foundation on Twitter @StandUpFdn and Facebook and via their website HERE

4 thoughts on “MANCANDY: Ben Cohen 2020 “Limited Edition” Calendar

  • William Nourse

    I never received my 2020 Calender

    • Sorry to hear it hasn’t arrived. 🙁 The calendar we ordered last year took forever to arrive. We reached out to the distributor via email on the purchase receipt/confirmation email and they responded right away with international tracking info etc. Hope you get it soon!

  • William Nourse

    Never received my Calendar!


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