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Make Your 2024 Wish in Times Square on NYE

The spectacle of watching a 12-foot, 11,875-pound, icosahedral geodesic sphere, covered in 2,688 Waterford Crystal panels, lit by 32,256 LED lamps capable of producing 16,777,216 fabulous colors drop at 11:59PM followed by enormous swirls of falling confetti puts “New Year’s Eve in Times Square” on a lot of Bucket Lists.

The theme for the 2024 New Year’s Ball is “Rebirth and Resilience,” chosen to honor the world’s unwavering spirit in the face of challenges.


What’s more, New Year’s Eve and confetti go together like New Year’s Day and a hangover, they’re practically inseparable.  Nowhere is more confetti dropped at one time than in Times Square on NYE when 3,000 pounds of colorful pieces of paper come fluttering down on over a million revelers welcoming the new year.

(image via Times Square Alliance website)

No matter where you are that night, everyone can be a literal part of the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square.  For several year, The Times Square Alliance, which hosts the annual first night festivities, has had a “Wishing Wall” at the “Crossroads of the World.” There visitors could come and write their wish, hope, or dream on a piece of confetti that would be added to thousands of other wishes, and those pieces of confetti added to the thousands of pounds waiting for the clock to strike twelve, then tossed to the winds welcoming a new year.

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Now you can submit your wish for 2024 digitally and it will be printed on a piece of confetti to be released on December 31st for all the world to see!


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Through December 28th use the link below to write your #ConfettiWish and join with people from around the world filling the air with our hopes and dreams for the very best 2024.  (And given the way the New Year is shaping up, 2024 it’s going to need all the help it can get.)

NYE Wishing Wall Confetti Wish



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