Make a Musical Great Again

“Make a Musical Great Again”

By TheatreRat

Art has, does, and always will be a reflection of life, and nowhere is that more true than on stage.  With a new regime about to take power in Washington, that great American art form, the Broadway musical, will undoubtedly change with it. This “two act” investigation reveals many of the shows creating buzz and destine for the Great “White” Way.

Act I

America in Peril

An American artist living in Paris sees what’s ahead for his country after the 2016 election, and never goes home again.


A greedy developer tries to drown out the voices of bohemian artists in the East Village with late night tweet storms.

Fucked Home

A lesbian feminist reflects on how an open and proud, sexual predator was elected President of the United States.

Book of Moron

Mitt Romney gets played for a bitch trying to become Trump’s Secretary of State

Trump and I

A strong willed woman teaches a misogynistic narcissist, his children, wives, and concubines that he is not the center of the universe.  (No word if it keeps the original happy ending.)

Bannon of the Bigots

A sinister man lurking in the shadows wreaks havoc and brings destruction to anyone standing in the way of his malevolent protégé’s quest for power.

The Colored People

Jeff Sessions produces Alice Walker’s beloved story from his perspective.

Nadia, Pedro, and the Great Racist of 2017

Two people search for love and redemption in a society turned against them and a country in turmoil.


you can’t pee here

North Carolina’s official state musical

On Your Feet!

you’re being deported

The rhythms of Miami pulse in this song and dance extravaganza about the realities of Latino immigrant families trying to live the American dream.

Supremacist Awakening

Innocent teenagers flower into white nationalists through the neglect of ultra-conservative adults and personal exploration of Breitbart news.

A Boarder Line

Seventeen people who really need a job tell their life stories as a maniacal man holding their fates taunts them to cross into the US.

Hello Putin!

A dimwitted business man is beguiled and manipulated by a flattering meddler.

A Tragic thing Happened on the way to the White House

Hopes for the first woman American president are derailed by Russian hacking, fake news stories, the FBI, and her unlikable vagina.


the untold story of Kellyanne Conway

The search for her compassionate backstory leads to the conclusion; she is unquestionably a soulless, evil witch.

Into the Camps

Stephen Sondheim’s new musical about anyone in America who isn’t straight, white, and Christian.

Best Little ‘Urinetown’ in Russia

A musical mash-up about billionaires paying beautiful women to shower them in “gold” and the American Evangelicals who pretend they don’t understand what that is.

— intermission —

The curtain rises on ACT II tomorrow

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