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Looking at “A Nation Divided?” From ‘CBS Sunday Morning’

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

I’ve often said if I was only allowed one television program to watch per week, it would be CBS Sunday Morning.  It’s informative in the wide spectrum of stories it covers. It’s intelligent in the way it covers them, so much so, that I’m usually proven wrong by stories which I “think” are of no interest to me. But most importantly as a news magazine, it’s topical and no episode more so than its special edition, “A Nation Divided?”

Guest hosted by veteran journalist, Ted Koppel “A Nation Divided?” does what the Emmy Award winning Sunday Morning does best — thoughtful and unique reporting from all angles with a wide range of voices.  While much of today’s journalism, left, right and/or the most unbiased tends toward catastrophizing headlines for the sake of ratings, the reporting here is always much calmer even on the most critical issues like “A Nation Divided?”  As such, the segments offer clearer perspectives (we may have more in common than we think) and there are reasons to be hopeful (there are people making the effort).

The reports are not pollyannaish by any means, but they’re not perilous either.  I’ve posted many segments from Sunday Morning over the years, but “A Nation Divided?” deserves to be watched in its entirety.  I promise at least one report will speak to you directly, one will tell you something you didn’t know, and one will give you just a bit of hope for our nation — Not a bad way to spend an hour.

CBS Sunday Morning presents “A Nation Divided?”

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