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January 6th for Those Who Stand in Truth

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

Today marks the third anniversary of the deadly attack on the Capitol which threatened the line of succession to the Presidency as well as the lives of every member of Congress present at the joint session.   We all can at least agree on that much.

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What it was in full and living color was an attempted coup by Donald Trump who propagated a “big lie” about the election having been stolen and fomented thousands of his MAGA supports to insurrection.  But not everyone agrees that’s what happened.  This can be largely attributed to loyal Trump sycophants and enablers who continue spouting his baseless false claims of election fraud and conspiracy theories, and to nearly every Republican elected official, from the halls of Congress to City Halls across America who privately know and admit Trump lost but remain silent in public.

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Just today, new video was released showing the conversation that took place between Republican Representatives and rioters as they attempted to break into the House chamber.  Yet today, those same people want to rewrite history, move on and forget about the facts.  From The Randy Report comes this article. “Video Shows GOP House Members Trying To Reason With Rioters” 

First the Right blamed ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter for what happened.  Trust and believe if BLM had been in the mob, Police would have opened fire on them, and Trump would have called out the National Guard to forcefully put them down the way he did six months earlier.  Later on, the RNC, said the violence and destruction at the Capitol was “legitimate political discourse.” Ergo, it was the Trump’s MAGA fanatics.

Now, they blame the FBI and as reported last week 25% of Americans (roughly 82,500,000 people) believe that January 6th was instigated by the FBI, a number that is growing.  This theory is absurd prima facie.  Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray is a Republican, appointed by Trump, and loyal to his office and oath.  There was no motive for him to direct such a plan.  It’s the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not instigation.  Lastly its genesis came from the scapegoating of Ray Epps as an FBI agent by Fox News and the internet which was debunked, and Epps has since been arrested and charged for his crimes on January 6th.

But like the post-Civil War narrative of the “Lost Cause” created by the South to justify its insurrection against our nation and rehabilitate its image, the Right is avidly propagating their myths (aka lies) about January 6th.  The lies of the Lost Cause are still with us today and growing the division in the country.  This was on full display the other week when GOP Presidential contender, Nikki Haley was asked about the primary cause of the Civil War and gave lost cause talking points rather than say the plain truth – slavery.

This is why lies and myths and the whitewashing of facts is so insidiously dangerous.  They corrupt the foundation of reason, intellect, and informed decision making.  Simply put, they are propaganda pedaled by those who want to destroy democracy like the January 6th insurrectionist.  Propaganda is the currency of authoritarian dictators and eaten up by their followers.  It’s no wonder Republicans are pushing it to their masses.

But truth and facts must stand tall with the courage by all who know them to speak up and speak out against the false narratives and rewriting of history.

This article from National Review does just that. “The January 6 Conspiracy Theories Are Still Dumb” 

As does this from PBS New Hour. “Conspiracy theories paint fraudulent reality of Jan. 6 riot” 

Winston Churchill said, “History is written by the victors,” and he was correct.  All the more reason to support democracy by spreading truth and facts, mobilize against disinformation and those who spread it.  But most of all we must energize this election cycle and make sure the man responsible for ending the peaceful transfer of power with a failed coup and insurrection does not win re-election.  If he should, we can only imagine the “history” he will have written as he becomes dictator for life.




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