James Baldwin’s Oscar nominated, “I Am Not Your Negro” premiering on PBS:: TRAILER

America’s on-going conversation about race has never been easy, comfortable, or short; but the bigoted words, coded, vulgar or otherwise, coming from the 45th President of the United State and his Administration have only served to inflame the dialogue.

Sometimes, a step back is needed to take steps forward as is the case with James Baldwin’s unvarnished words and blunt observations and insight in the Academy Award nominated documentary, “I Am Not Your Negro” making its broadcast premier on the PBS series Independent Lens week.


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Author, playwright, and activist, James Baldwin’s (1924 – 1987) contributions to the literary world and social conscience are not to be underestimated.  An openly gay man, he wrote his truth fearlessly about subjects he knew best whether the black experience in America, civil rights, or the love between men.

In 1956, Baldwin published his novel, Giovanni’s Room, the story of an American living in Paris and groundbreaking for its “taboo” depiction of homosexuality, which he again explored in 1978’s Just Above My Head.

James Baldwin full biography HERE 

Based on his unfinished manuscript, Remember This House, “I Am Not Your Negro,” narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, tells the story of race relations in America from the assassination of Malcolm X and Dr. King during the Civil Rights Movement to the #BlackLiveMatter movement of today.

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