“It’s All Right,” receive the Blessing of the Music and “Rise Up!”

Back in the day, when gay men went clubbing in New York City we called it “church.”  As in “see you at church?” or “you going to church this week?”  More often than not, this referred to getting up before dawn and going to the club as the straight crowd left and the fierce, gay DJ took over the turntables.

But there were those transcendently gifted DJs who could spin a HiNRG room all night and just when you thought you couldn’t dance no more would take you to church.  The power in those glorious grooves of positivity and joy flowed out and around us lifting up the dancefloor in love.

One time, I even looked down at God and said, “Come on up!”


During these days of darkness and immeasurable suffering, it’s important to remember the positive things like the power of music to heal and lift us and each other up.  Who knows when we’ll get to be together on a dance floor again but, we can always dance. Afterall…


We’d like to share a few of theOUTfront’s favorite inspirational dance floor classics to help heal and soothe our hurting world.





We dedicate “Devotion” to all the Health Care heroes and essential workers who are devoted to seeing us through to better and brighter days.

Thank you will never be enough.


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