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Happy Pride 2024 from theOUTfront!

Today as we celebrate our love, our Community, and our achievements in civil rights and equality, we must realize that what we have gained can be taken away from us.  Look no further than a women having the right to an abortion and control over there body being stripped away when it was believed to be settled law.  The joy we feel today must be channeled into action tomorrow if we are to remain full citizens in America.  We must tell our stories of struggle and triumph and protect our history as so many try to minimize and erase it.

 “We are entitled to our history… I don’t think you can be a people until you have a history.” 

– Larry Kramer, Activist, author, and playwright

The American LGBTQ+ Museum will ensure our vast history and place in America’s history is preserved and never erased.  Currently in the design stage, the museum in New York City, birthplace of the LGBTQ civil rights movement, states its mission like this:

“The American LGBTQ+ Museum preserves, investigates, and celebrates the dynamic histories and cultures of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people, as well as those of the emergent and adjacent identities among our communities. Using exhibitions and programs, we seek to advance LGBTQ+ equality through the lens of social justice movements, including, but not limited to, race, gender, class, immigration, and disability.

We envision a world in which all people work toward and experience the joy of liberation.”

Visit the website of The American LGBTQ+ Museum

Additionally, the museum states, “With the support of our loyal Members and donors, we’ll expand our offerings, impacting millions of people with transformative exhibitions, unique programming, enriching educational initiatives, and a variety of dynamic experiences — all through the LGBTQ+ lens.”

By becoming a donor or a Founding Member, you can support the museum literally from the ground up and ensure our history is never forgotten and preserved for generations to come.  Founding Members will be listed on the Donor Tribute Wall when the doors open in 2026 and are available for as little as $6/month.  To make a lasting impact and protect our LGBTQ legacy donate directly at the link below.

American LGBTQ+ Museum Founding Member  

What we do today is not only for ourselves but for future generations of LGBTQ people.  By committing ourselves to the work of equality we create endless possibilities for those to come just as the mothers and fathers of our Community did for us in 1969.  We are a family as vibrant and diverse as our rainbow.  We also have families ourselves, same sex parents with children deserve to dream and be their true, full, and joyous selves in a world where everything is possible.

The Flirtations, known as “the world’s first all-gay politically correct a cappella group,”  recorded a lullaby rendition of American song-writer, Fred Small’s “Everything Possible.”  It is a poignant and enduring message of love to close Pride Month and take pride with us throughout the year and for years to come.


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