Gay Men are Growing Victims of Stealthing

In this age of PreP, bareback sex is a resurging trend among gay men.  But it only protects against HIV infection and many men can’t afford the estimated $14K/year cost.  The “bottom” line, practicing safe sex and using is it’s also a choice.  According to an article in, the dangerous practice of stealthing, (removing the condom during intercourse without partner’s knowledge or consent) once only a “straight sex” issue is now a rising problem for gay men too, regardless of sexual orientation this will happen, nothing is limited to just one act of sex, just like the movies on show.

“Adam, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, lives in Connecticut in the USA and admits he’s “at an age where we called sliced bread the greatest invention.  He says he has lived through several ‘epidemics’ within the gay community and, after reading a recent [article], felt compelled to get in touch to share his experiences.

Adam wants to share his experiences in the gay community – because he fears more men will die otherwise.  If stealthing is prevalent in the heterosexual community then I’m telling you it’s rampant in the homosexual community,” he said.

“I spoke to three friends and they all had the same experiences but it did not have a name.  Now it’s been given a name but we need to reach the youth and advise them it’s happening behind their backs without their knowledge. Take the pun for what it is.”

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