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Four More Gay Prison Camps Discovered in Chechnya

Number of Concentration Camps for Gay Men has Tripled

Novaya Gazeta, the newspaper that first broke the story of gay men disappearing from the street of the predominately Muslim region of Chechnya, is now reporting there are six secret prisons.

According to

However journalists from the area now say they have uncovered evidence of a further four prisons, meaning there are at least six prisons in the region holding people because of their sexual orientation.

The newspaper also claims that the men, who face torture in jail, are only released once their families offer bribes to police.

Editors of Russian newspaper have since said they fear that the “entire staff” on the paper are at serious risk after they uncovered the gay purge in Chechnya…

Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s Press Secretary, claimed that investigators have found no evidence to support reports of the purge, which originated in respected newspaper Novaya Gazeta, according to Associated Press.”

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What is interesting about this growing and horrific story is that since it began

“The paper’s initial report was denied by Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov’s spokesman, who called it “absolute lies and disinformation” and suggested there are no homosexuals in the Muslim-majority region.”

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Yet Kadyrov stated only four days ago, he “will eliminate the gay community by the start of Ramadan,” according to a report on 

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This begs the questions

  • How does one eliminate something if it doesn’t exist in the first place?
  • Does it exist and is he admitting to conducting a “gay purdge” as widely confirmed by global human rights organizations?
  • What will the global community do to save these gay men before Ramadan begins on May 26th?

TheOUTfront recognizes this is an ugly story and probably not what many of our readers come here to see, but these men are part of our Community.  If we don’t keep covering this story, keep it in the media, care about our brothers, who will?

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