Eleanor Holmes Norton and her 30 Year Fight for DC Statehood: VIDEO

President Biden marked his first 100 days in office by proclaiming “America is moving forward again” and set forth his bold agenda to “Build Back Better.” One way too build back better, and bigger so to speak, would be to grant the District of Columbia statehood.  Its residents vote for President and under the 23rd Amendment casts three votes in the Electoral College just like the smallest state does but that’s where it ends.

One would think the argument for statehood would be obvious as it goes to the very core of our American story, “no taxation without representation.”


But as journalist, Ari Berman points out,


Look closer at his data and something else becomes obvious which also goes to the core of our American story, racism.  Giving DC statehood would mean giving voice to more Black people who typically vote Democratic at a time when Republicans have but one agenda, suppressing their vote.

Congressional Delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton has spent thirty years championing DC statehood in the House, each and every one of those years.  Last week H.R. 51 passed and is on its way to the Democratic controlled Senate.  This week the tireless advocate spoke to late night host Samantha Bee about the people of DC’s journey to equality.


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