Dictator Trump tweets his “Beat Down” of a CNN Journalist: VIDEO

Just when you thought America’s petulant, inflamed, orange scrotal sack couldn’t prove he’s anymore of a little bitch, Dick-tater Trump tweeted a 28 second video of him beating down a man with the CNN logo on his face.

TheOUTfront has never doubted for a second, that the 45th POTUS is an incompetent dangerous, narcissistic bastard, but to tweet a video literally and violently attacking The Press i.e. the First Amendment is beyond the pale; the dignity of the Office of President; and the intelligence of anyone past the 8th grade.


#DumbassDonny likes to tweet about FAKE NEWS, but there is nothing more fake than WWE wresting in which he willingly participated.  Or, the mock-up he tweeted out to the millions of his lemmings and spineless, amoral republicans who stand with this con-artist and chief.

Read the full story via the New York Times HERE

Donald J. Trump,

At the time that our country recognizes and celebrates all that our founding fathers believed in, stood for, and died for,

You are a foul and disgraceful standard of America to the World.

You are IN FACT an unadulterated LIAR.

You have lied about,

Being a friend to the LGBT Community

The size of your inaugural crowds
Pres. Obama wiretapping you

Having tapes on James Comey

Donald J. Trump, you are a LYING SACK OF SHIT!

If you died, America would dance on your grave!

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