Could Blizzard “Stella” be a Gay Conspiracy?

Blizzard Stella may be snowing, sleeting, and blowing through the northeast today, but theOUTfront, is not about to take a snow day!

(Actually we are having a snow day, and why we’re currently blogging in our boxers.)

We could be getting a snow job (we’re not talking about the daily White House press briefing from Sean Spicer) and snowballing but instead we’re committed to our loyal readers, which means we should probably be committed.

The internet has been abuzz with jokes about snowstorm “Stella” for the last 24 hours, which got us to wondering.  When did they start naming snow storms and what queen is in charge of selecting them?  Really, Stella?  Who’s next?  Dorothy?  Shelby?   Miranda?

Is this the same queen who names the colors on paint chips?  (Com’on only a gay man could come up with all those over the top names for the same damn color)  Case in point, a straight man see the color: “white”

A gay man sees

  • Full Moon
  • English Bloke Butt
  • Jeff Sessions’ World View
  • Polar Bear Jizz
  • Southern Cracker

Somewhere, someplace there is a gay man who is very proud of himself for all the attention he’s getting by naming a snowstorm, STELLA!

As a hat tip to his clever “conspiracy,” here’s a few of our favorite Stella moments

The Simpsons (musical version)


Modern Family




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