Commit to Keeping America Free: VIDEO

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

“There are only two creatures of value on the face of the earth: those with the commitment,

and those who require the commitment of others.”

― John Adams

One day after celebrating its 248th birthday, our nation is four months away from the most pivotal election in its history.  Will we vote to continue the American Experiment as a democratic republic or vote to install an egomaniacal authoritarian who plans to rule rather than govern?

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There’s no denying the past week has been traumatic and demoralizing for anyone invested in preserving democracy. Additionally, voters are not excited or energized by the candidates.  What’s more, many people are feeling what has been dubbed “voter depression” – the feeling that one’s vote won’t make a difference.

It’s very difficult right now.  I get it.  I’m going through it with you.

Two months ago, we started a monthly series meant to encourage voter engagement, illustrate that your vote will make a difference, and the perilous stakes we face.

“Assignment: Democracy – 7 Things You Can Do” 
“Make Your Voice Heard and Vote with Pride” 

This month we thought we all could use a pep talk to re-energize ourselves.  During “graduation season” last May, award-winning documentarian, Ken Burns’s commencement address at Brandies University set the internet a blaze.  It’s brilliant, inciteful, and empowering.

Do yourself a favor and listen to his passionate speech.  It’s worth every minute of your time.


This is a good time to double check your voter registration status, and ask others to do so as well.. In the last four years hundreds of laws have been passed, especially in red states, to suppress voting, purge voter rolls, and challenge voters already registered in order to invalidate their registration.  It’s easy to find out your voter status and register to at CanIVote.



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