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Celebrating National Beach Day with Music and MANCANDY

Whoever said, “Life’s a Beach!” never expected anything like 2020.  Then again, anyone in 2015 who had to answer, “where do you see yourself in five years?” didn’t even come close.

But the year prior to that, National Beach Day was started to raise our awareness of the natural beauty of beaches.  It also calls attention to keeping them clean and safe, not only for us, but all wildlife which calls the beach home.

Now in this Summer of our strife, on National Beach Day we wanted to remind everyone of better days, fun in the sun, and the calm rhythm of the waves.  At The Pavilion on Fire Island, our favorite DJ would close her set with “Morning Music” and often play this track.

Please enjoy the luscious grooves and silly sexy images we’ve curated.

(Usually we’d warn you some of the images are NSFW but who’s actual in an office anymore?)


The Crack of Dawn

Morning walk on the beach




Good boy!  Now bring it here

Sometimes it’s more fun to DIY


This is for our buddy, Randy Slovacek of The Randy Report.  He loves cake on the beach!

 …in the ocean (…by the pool  …inside his cabana)


Where’s a stiff ocean breeze when you need one?




Hidden Cove


On the beach, watching the asset

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We all belong to the sun ☀️ #beachboy #onlyfans

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(Main image Killian from “Summer Brothers” Photographer : @pascalpprl. )

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