Celebrating 40 years of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” LISTEN

That opening vamp… those brilliant horns… and the iconic lyrics…

“Do you remember the 21st night of September?
Love was changing the minds of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away”

The late Maurice White and Earth, Wind & Fire’s timeless groove, “September” still poses the universal magic to fill any dance floor with love and joy, whether it’s September or not.

But 2018 this is not just any “21st night of September.” This year we celebrates the 40th anniversary of this soulful standard. 


Earth Wind & Fire’s founder, Maurice White passed away in 2016, but his vision for the group and its music is as timeless and important now as it was then. From BBC.com,

“From my youngest days, I always felt certain affinities with the idea of being a preacher,” said bandleader Maurice White.  “Being joyful and positive was the whole objective of our group.  Our goal was to reach all the people and to keep a universal atmosphere.  All of our songs had that positive energy.  To create uplifting music was the objective.”

 Amen, brother Maurice, Amen!

Read the full article via BBC.com HERE!

“Love was changing the minds of pretenders”

Our world today is filled with too much anger and angst, hate and violence, destruction and despair.  Maybe if everyone tried dancing a little more it might help.  It couldn’t hurt.

So turn up the volume and get your Soul Train Line together!

What’s a Soul Train line???

Pure dance floor Joy!


“If you can’t dance standing up, you can’t dance lying down.”

                     — theOUTfront

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