Black History Month 2023, Protect and Preserve

Black History Month should a time to embrace, celebrate and most of all to learn about the untold stories and immense contributions African Americans have made to our nation from its inception.  It’s often been pointed out that there shouldn’t need to be a Black History Month because Black History is American history, and for a while it seemed as if we were making progress towards that realization.

But anyone who has been paying attention over the past few years in conservatively controlled statehouses and governorships should be acutely aware the progress made in Black History finding is rightful full place in our story is being actively and legislatively suppressed.  It began with laws banning books from libraries and topics forbidden from classrooms.  Now the Ron DeSantis has banned an entire Advanced Placement course on African American Studies from Florida’s high schools because it “inexplicably contrary to Florida law and significantly lacks educational value.”

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Florida claims the course “significantly lacks educational value” despite it being designed by some of the foremost scholars and educators in the country.  Not to mention, it’s already been approved for implementation in 2024 by numerous State’s Boards of Education.  What Gov. DeSantis and Florida are trying not to say is the course significantly undermines White American mythology with facts.

First, DeSantis and his Florida Republicans passing, “Don’t Say Gay;” now it’s “Don’t Say Black.”  Makes one wonder who will be next?  If this sounds familiar it should; we seen it before.  In 1935 Hitler and the NAZIs passed the Nuremberg Laws, stripping Jewish people of their citizenship, their rights, and centuries of culture in Germany.

We can’t let what’s happening in Florida and elsewhere spread. This Black History Month we must preserve and protect all that it is from those who are doing their best to erase all it should be.  To that end, as we did last year we will again be celebrating Black History Month with a daily Twitter series @TheOUTFront .  In light of current events, this one seems especially appropriate to begin with.


(Main Image: “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” 1963)

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