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Bette Midler belts “GOP’s-A-Cult-For-Scammers-Liars-Thugs-And-Traitors”: VIDEO

Question — What do you get when you cross a progressive SuperPAC with an ever outrageous, Tony winning, Gay icon?

Answer — A fucking, hilarious, take no prisoners, animated Disney song parody that roasts Republicans like a Florida pig with an apple in his mouth and surely has Uncle Walt spinning in his grave!


Molly Bobbins is sung by The Divine Miss M aka Bette Midler needs no introduction but the video’s SuperPAC producer is MeidasTouch.  In March 2020 brothers Ben, Brett and Jordan Meiselas started MeidasTouch as a blog but it quickly transformed into a viral video and political ad sensation.  With tens of millions of views, likes, retweets, and followers, their progressive political videos and pull no punches ads were instrumental Joe Biden’s victory and Democrats taking the Senate.


In other words, when it comes to putting GQP in their place with a song, Bette and the Boys are 24 carat perfection!


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You can now listen to the brothers behind MeidasTouch provide commentary and try to make sense of the chaotic news cycle on their new podcast. HERE  “Because truth is golden.”


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