AS SEEN ON TV! Stove Top Stuffing’s Thanksgiving Pants are stylish AF

Are you tired of squeezing into skinny jeans?

Is your muffin top, a muffin bottom too?

Well this Thanksgiving, Stove Top has you covered in comfort with their new Thanksgiving Pants.  Gone are the days of rude groans, belching at the dinner table, and having to wait to loosen your belt!

These unisex pants are designed with cranberry leggings to match any seasonal tablescape and an elastic holiday stuffing patterned top that gently expands to twice its size as your gluttonous appetite gorges itself on seconds and thirds.  But wait, there’s more, the pants also feature XXL pockets to conveniently store leftovers!


All this style and comfort can be yours for the low price of ONLY $19.98!

On a serious note, Stove Top is donating $10,000 of the proceeds from sales of the pants to

Order TODAY! (while supplies last)


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