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An Image of our Community is One of National Geographic’s “14 Best Photographs of the Decade”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the 21,613,329 images taken by National Geographic photographers have said more than 21.6 trillion words over the decade drawing to a close.  They are breathtaking, inspiring awe, wonder, heartbreak, compassion, action, but most of all, a deeper understand of the world in which we live.  Now imagine  out 21.6M trying to select the “best of the decade.”


National Geographic has just released its list of “The Best 14 Photographs” and it includes an image of our Community.  From their website,

“Robin Hammond, who has won recognition for his images of LGBTQ people around the world, met Avery Jackson while on assignment for National Geographic’s January 2017 issue, ‘Gender Revolution.’ This nine-year-old made a special impression: Avery spent her first four years as a boy, but with the support of her family in Kansas City, Missouri, began living in 2012 as a transgender girl.”

Avery Jackson wasn’t just another Nat Geo photograph; she was the issue’s “cover girl.” Now she has been named “one of the best of the decade.”  It is a fitting conclusion to this year’s “Stonewall 50” celebration and inspires us to face the changes of the next fifty years together as a Community.

See all the incredible Nat Geo “Best Photographs” in their gallery HERE 

If there was one photograph that summed up 2019 for theOUTfront, there’s no contest.

For the World Pride/Stonewall50 celebration, Randy Slovacek, writer of the Las Vegas based The Randy Report used his “Top 50 LGBT Blog” clout to get NYC based theOUTfront press credentials to all the events.

About 30 minutes into the NYC Pride March while taking pictures in the middle of Fifth Ave., I see in the crowd…

Photograph by Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

A gay man of color holding that sign during the Stonewall 50 Pride March #BRILLIANT



Wishing everyone
Joy, Unity, and Courage
in 2020


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