ACLU Demands That Several Federal Agencies Release Documents On Anti-LGBT “Religious Liberty” Order

We may find out very soon if our community is up for one of the biggest battles in recent decades if the ACLU has it’s way.

The American Civil Liberties Union has today demanded documents from four federal agencies concerning a potential executive order that would sanction religiously motivated discrimination against LGBT people, members of minority faiths, women, and people seeking reproductive health care.

“The American people deserve to know whether this administration plans to protect the rights of all Americans or whether it will sanction discrimination,” said Louise Melling, deputy legal director for the ACLU. “The ACLU fights every day to defend religious freedom, but religious freedom does not mean the right to discriminate against or harm others. If President Trump signs an executive order that authorizes discrimination against women and LGBT people, we will see him in court.”

The Freedom of Information Act requests were filed with the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, Justice, and Treasury and seek any communications regarding the drafting of an executive order that would attempt to grant broad religious exemptions to organizations from rules barring discrimination. A draft version of the order leaked last month.

Among other items, the draft order would insert broad exemptions into existing nondiscrimination protections under the Affordable Care Act requiring employers to offer insurance coverage for contraception, authorize federally funded child welfare organizations to make decisions based on religious directives regardless of the best interests of the child, and allow federal employees, contractors, and grantees to discriminate against same-sex couples, transgender people, and women seeking reproductive health care.

See each of the FOIA demands here. Story via JMG.

Are you ready for one of the biggest battles to protect and keep our equal rights? We need ALL of us, L,G,B,T,Q and our straight allies to unite and protect the rights we have fought so tirelessly for! Just like this video so perfectly exclaims, WE ARE NEVER GOING BACK!

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