A Song Dedication to All on Valentine’s Day: LISTEN

Valentine’s Day is traditionally thought of as a day for couples to express their love and devotion for one another with some effuse grand gesture. 

In today’s social media driven world, those gestures had better be Instagram worthy; and what’s more, jealousy inducing by all who dare gaze upon the rapture that is their love.

We’ve come to care more about being loved, than loving.  What we are losing more and more, day by day is our love for one another, for our common humanity, for our collective heart.

On this first anniversary of the Parkland gun massacre, where is the love?

When America separates families and locks children in cages, where is the love?

When police shoot unarmed Black men, where is the love?

When police are killed while protecting us, where is the love?

When queer kids are bullied at school and home, where is the love?

When people of faith are slaughtered in their Synagogue on the Sabbath, where is the love?

When journalists are defiled and dismembered, where is the love?

When LGBT people are targeted for hate crimes where is the love?

theOUTfront dedicates “Where is the Love?” to everyone this Valentine’s Day. 

Whether you’re hurting, grieving, lonely, or happy today, know that in our troubled world, we are thinking of you and send this song out to you.


Our country is led by a man who loves only himself, and every day we see how that effects all of us.  But we must find the love in ourselves for each other. 

If we love each other, if we pass that love on to one another, we can forge bonds of humanity between us.  We can create one love stronger, more united, more enduring than anyone who loves only themselves.

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