WorldOut Games CANCELED 24 Hours before Opening Ceremonies

Two days ago theOUTfront was proud to recognize and celebrate the WorldOut Games IV starting this weekend in Miami, Florida.  Today, we’re shocked to learn they were CANCELED yesterday, the day before they were to start.  According to,

“Imagine training and saving up money for years to travel around the world to participate in a global sporting event, only to find out mid-air (via social media!) that it had been canceled. That’s just happened with the long-planned sporting and cultural event known as the World OutGames, a 10-day LGBT-themed event advertised as a spectacular gathering of athletes from around the world. The Miami Herald reports that the event unraveled Friday about 24 hours before the opening ceremonies. Organizers announced that the opening and closing ceremonies, along with nearly all of its sports events, were canceled due to financial issues. The bombshell revelation came via a short Facebook post from the event’s board of directors Friday.”

How the fuck do you not know you don’t have the funds to put on a 10 day event months ago?   What’s more how do you leave thousands of participants and spectators holding the bag by not canceling and telling them well in advance???

We wouldn’t want to be in Miami this weekend with thousands of angry lesbians and pissed of queens, that’s for daaamn sure!

Read the full story via HERE

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