“Wonderkid” a short film about Homophobia as a Pro-Athlete:: WATCH IT HERE

While major strides have been made in the last decade in the perceptions and acceptance of LGBTs in the workplace, there are certain arenas where homophobia is still rampant, investment banking/finance, politics, and of course professional sports.  A few notable and courageous LGBTs have come out in sports, but many more still play in the closet.  It’s an issue that is getting a new look inside their lives in the film, “Wonderkid.”  According to Queerty.com,

“Homophobia remains a serious issue in the world of sports, and it’s the issue at the heart of director Rhys Chapman’s captivating short film, Wonderkid.

Broadchurch‘s Chris Mason stars as a professional football player grappling with the fact that he’s gay; a particular challenge when you’re entrenched in the hyper-masculine world of competitive sports.”


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