Women have always been there for gay men, so we want to say THANK YOU!

This video really moved us because it is so true. We owe so much to the women who loved, supported, and accepted us when no one else would. This video has inspired me to reach out to some women, as far back as high school,  to simply say THANK YOU!

The Huffington Post’s Queer Voices writes,

“In his new video, comedian and actor Tim Murray, an Outspeak partner, brought together a group of gay men to reflect on the impact and influence women have had on their lives. 

Murray told The Huffington Post that he had the idea for the video after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election. The actor said he, like so many others, were devastated by thinking about the underlying misogynistic message that young girls would receive from President Donald Trump’s win. As a result, he wanted to articulate an empowering message for women through video.

“Everyone was hurting after the election results, but I think my gay male friends and I felt a strong inclination to tell women we are here for them, because they have always been incredible allies for us,” Murray told The Huffington Post. “When we were too young to find a gay tribe, it was women who sat with us at the lunch table; and when we didn’t want to do heteronormative crap in middle school, it was women who agreed that football isn’t the coolest thing in the world; and when we wanted to play American Girl Dolls as children it was women who said ‘Here, you can borrow Molly.’ So I set out to make a fun video that might comfort women the way they always comforted us. Even if they wouldn’t let us borrow Molly for the whole weekend, which honestly isn’t that much to ask.”

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