When the Going Gets Tough. Trump Holds Rallies (when he’s not golfing)


On Monday FBI Director, James Comey testified before Congress that

  • Neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice had any evidence whatsoever that President Obama had ordered a wiretap of Trump tower;
  • There were in fact, ongoing investigations into the Trump campaign’s coordinated efforts with Russia to influence the election.

In the wake of these scandalous revelations, Donald Trump did the only sensible thing; held re-election campaign rallies in Nashville and Louisville.

Never mind, retracting the false statements (aka lies) he made or issuing a public apology to Obama for accusing him of a serious felony and calling him a “bad, sick man;” or formally addressing his Russia/campaign investigations.  He went to be with his “peeps,” who apparently have the same IQ as the Easter candy.

And The Daily Show was there to meet them.

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