“What Love Would Want,” new music video celebrates the Diversity of Love

“What Love Would Want,” new music video celebrates the Diversity of Love

“What if, for a second, we forget what the law wants, forget what the church wants, forget what the police want, forget what our leaders want, forget what our family, our parents, you or I would want and instead, ask what love would want?”

That is how British singer-songwriter Tim Arnold described his new single “What Love Would Want” to Addicted.com.  The video features several real-life heterosexual and same-sex couples of all shapes and sizes, colors and ages in answer to thet question.  Arnold goes on to say,

“It’s a simple, poetic song about unconditional love. It’s also an anthem, the theme song to champion a very important cause: diversity and love without barriers or shame.

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 From Addicted.com’s earlier profile of Tim Arnold,

“What love would want” will be the anthem that champions diversity, tolerance, and most of all, love. Inspired by Emma Watson’s He for She campaign and Stephen Fry’s seminal speech on the Catholic Church’s condemnation of gay people, and the multitude of other tragedies around the world, Tim brings an aura of hope and a message for change that will resonate around the globe.

Read the full profile via Addicted.com HERE

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