Wave of Vandalism Hits LGBTQ Centers Across Nation, White House Responds

Washington DC, Tulsa Oklahoma, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Orlando, and New Jersey are just a few of the locations that have been hit my anti-LGBT vandalism and in some cases violence across the United States. NBC news reports,

“…a man had burst into Casa Ruby — the Washington, D.C. drop-in center and advocacy organization for transgender women she founded in 2004 — and demolished a door and physically attacked a trans woman working at the center.

“He grabbed something and threw it at her. It hit her on the arm. Then [he] walked toward her and said, ‘I’m gonna kill you, faggot,'” Corado said. “Everyone was trying to control him. He goes to the door and leaves, then a brick comes flying through the door from the outside.”

In February and March, a spate of hate incidents occurred at LGBTQ community centers and similar venues across the nation, in a trend that has gone underreported.

On March 6, a drive-by shooting targeted the Tulsa, Oklahoma headquarters of Oklahomans for Equality. The very next day, a man entered the center harassing and threatening staff, reportedly saying “I wish you all would die.” The center’s executive director, Toby Jenkins, told The Tulsa World it was the most serious incident he’d seen in 12 years.

LGBTQ community centers in Los Angeles and Milwaukee were hit with hate graffiti in February, with workers in L.A. arriving to see “F**k Trannies” spray-painted across the walls. Milwaukee’s Diverse & Resilient center was covered in paint reading “Fag.”

There are also several instances of graffiti in gender neutral bathrooms in schools across the nation as well. 

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had the following to say according to the Washington Blade

“White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer denounced the recent trend of vandalism at LGBT community centers, but qualified his remarks by suggesting free speech under the First Amendment is appropriate to use against them rather than violence.

Spicer made the comments under questioning from the Washington Blade after an attack over the weekend at Casa Ruby, an LGBT community center in D.C. serving transgender and gender non-confirming people. The attacker smashed a window and assaulted a transgender staffer.

Asked whether President Trump would condemn the rash of anti-LGBT vandalism culminating in the attack, Spicer replied, “Sure.”

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