WATCH: The Ladies of “The View” get burned at the Stake on SNL

If you think “Game of Thrones” has dragons, you haven’t watched ABC’s “The View” lately. 

When legendary journalist, Barbara Walters created “The View” it was ground breaking for giving diverse women a platform to discuss current events and culture.  Since her retirement, it has devolved into more Jerry Springer drama between the co-hosts and less about reasoned informed debate.  Much of this is due to Meghan McCain, a former FOX News debutante and entitled, petulant brat whose sole qualification is her father’s name.  She certainly didn’t get his intellect, reason, or class.

Like most faces of ultra-conservative Republicans, McCain has proven time and again on “The View” her inability to behave with respect, tolerance, or even common courtesy towards others, especially her fellow co-hosts.  When McCain told 20-year veteran, Joy Behar “what her job was” this past week, shit nearly got real.

And Saturday Night Live had a field day.


If you haven’t seen Joy Behar’s actual reaction to the “Princess of Arizona” it’s #priceless

(video still)

If looks could kill, Meghan and John would be having a Father/Daughter talk right now.


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