UPDATE: Teacher who Pranked Students is even MORE Adorable on Ellen

Readers of theOUTfront may recall our post earlier this month about adorable fourth grade teacher, Joe Dombrowski pranking his entire class on April Fool’s Day. 

In case you missed it (shame on you if did) read it and see the hilarious video here!

Turns out, Ellen DeGeneres, who is also prone to pranking people, is a fan of Mr. Dombroski too and had him on her show.  And guess what?  Joe Dombrowski is even more adorable!  Let’s see if we’ve got this right; an educator who works in an “at risk” area, is smart, funny, and handsome.  Joe Dombrowski just might be the last good man on Earth.

Ellen gave him a taste of his own medicine challenging him to a spelling test complete with a few surprises of her own. 

As you’ll see in this video.


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