University opens Dorm Housing for LGBT Students


“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”

In a state as red as it gets; that hasn’t gone democratic since 1964; and Trump won by 20 points, comes this surprising story from the University of Kansas.  As part of their gender inclusive housing initiative, students who have applied to the “no questions asked” LGBT wing of Lewis Hall will be assigned without regard to sexual preference or gender identity.

All places are booked for the coming school year and there’s a waiting list of 20 students.  According to,

“Diana Robertson, the student housing director for the University said the waiting list proved that they are “hitting a need”.

She explained that there was “no questions asked” about students actual sexual or gender identity and that allies of the LGBT community may also be welcomed to the rooms in the future.

However, residents will be required to sign an agreement regarding their behavior towards their fellow residents.  It also has a privacy clause to protect students.”

Read the full article via HERE

We “get” what school officials are trying to achieve in being responsive to student needs, but can we be honest? 

Horny LGBT college students living in an oasis of other horny LGBT students, does anyone believe for second they can check their libidos at the door?

But more importantly, is this kind of “greenhouse” environment good for LGBTs in the long-run or for straight KU students who need to meet LGBTs and learn there’s nothing wrong with us?  It’s like schools that create all “African American” dorm. 

Yes, it’s culturally supportive and enriching, but doesn’t further isolate students of different backgrounds at the very time when they should be learning more about diversity and acceptance?

Finally, what if the University of Kansas had created an Evangelical Christian dorm as a “safe space” for those students and their biblical belief that LGBTs, Jews, and Muslims are a threat?

Thoughts?  Comments?

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