UK Stripper, Lotan Carter Insures Penis for £12M (that’s $15.5M US)

As theOUTfront has previously posted man’s best friend is his penis.

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But $15.5M is helluva lot of friendship for anybody, er um thing, member, cock!

Stripper, model, and Big Brother UK housemate, Lotan Carter apparently thinks his “John Thomas” is all that and then some… and some more! I’m sure those who rely on their Johnson for their income, such as the starts of films from places like, may be thinking about taking some inspiration from Carter and getting some insurance of their own. According to,

“According to a report in Real Magazine, the hunky star believe it’s his most prized and lucrative asset.

He told the glossy publication: “One of the lads at work had an accident. A fan grabbed his tackle a bit too hard and he’s had to take two weeks off work.

“We’ve had to take out insurance on our members. Now my willy’s worth £12million!”‘

A previous ex, Tanya Billey, once confessed to ‘breaking’ his penis during sex, explaining that the frisky pair were going at it one day when they heard a “sickening crunch” and looked down to see a huge bruise forming on Lotan’s willy.” One hopes that this hasn’t caused any long-lasting damage such as erectile dysfunction. You may want to visit site here if you have experienced any problems similar to this.

Essex-born Lotan is a member of stripping squad The Dreamboys, so is regularly performing before a gaggle of drunk women.

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