TRAILER: “Studio 54: the documentary” Opening this Weekend

There is probably no place more iconic, more indelibly linked to the best and worst of all the is New York City, than Studio 54.  It was and still is the stuff that legends and lore are made of.  An epicenter of disco-era hedonism so great, it attracted the young and old, gay and straight, and celebrities of every conceivable stripe, that it became the penultimate of exclusivity.

Yet any star burning so fiercely is destined to flame out just as spectacularly.  This is the story of Studio 54: the Documentary in New York theaters Oct. 5th,  Los Angeles on Oct. 12 and then rolling out to other cities through November.


Studio 54 remains a cultural touchstone after nearly four decades, but it’s stunning to realize the discotheque lasted less than three years.  Co-founders Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager were forced to close its doors before they were sent to prison.  But that’s only one of many surprising tales revealed behind the red velvet rope of 54.


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