“There’s No Such Thing As Homosexuality”

“There’s no such thing as homosexuality” that’s what Lighthouse Baptist Church is telling the community of Fayetteville, Arkansas in leaflets it has been delivering to homes.  

(There’s a message my cock has never received.)

According to residents, the “informational” literature was being handed out by children as young as five years old claims to “claim to “debunk some myths” about homosexuality.”

According to PinkNews.com

“It [the flyer] says: “Does God love homosexuals? This is a flawed question, there are no such things as Homosexuals.

It goes on to claim that homosexuals are actually eunuchs, and encourages them to abstain from “immoral” gay sex.”

(If homosexuals were actually eunuchs, wouldn’t sex be out of the question anyway?)

“Our church loves the LGBT community, hence the reason we have decided since Spring 2014 to reach out to them. To them it is simply a reminder that God loves them..”

(But if there’s no such thing as homosexuals, then how could God love us?  Dumbass!)

Full story via PinkNews.com

KNWA News reports local residents are upset by the pamphlets

“I was just offended that they would be going door-to-door in this community with that information. I think most neighbors were pretty offended,” Fayetteville Resident, Joanna McCusker said.  Some Fayetteville residents up in arms as flyers addressing the topic of homosexuality are attached to doors in the Historic District neighborhood.
“I’ve had religious pamphlets dropped off, but nothing like that,” Fayetteville resident, Joan Sirlin, said.  “I just don’t think it’s right to push your religious beliefs on people in neighborhoods like this or any neighborhood,” Sirlin said.”

Full KNWA report here

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