The “Old Rugged” now Rainbow Cross

A Gay Street Love Story

It’s appalling when people turn the cross, a symbol of Christianity’s peace, love and forgiveness into an icon of hate, anger and intimidation.  The KKK has been burning crosses for 150 years to threaten African Americans.  Now a “God fearing” Christian thought they would send a message to the LGBT Community by chaining a giant wooden cross to a gate on Gay Street in Greenwich Village on Good Friday.

For nine days the mysterious owner moved, rechain and locked the cross to a different post or fence along the street.  When appeals to the authorities to have the cross removed were fruitless, residents got together and went one better. 

photo credit: MICAH LATTER

According to the,

“To be honest, I’m a Christian, and the cross means, love, peace and hope. And it was clear the owner of this cross did not share those values,” Gay St. resident Micah Latter, whose gate the cross was first chained to, told HuffPost. “Whatever [this person’s] point, [it] was lost in translation. Their actions were pointless and annoying.” 

On Sunday, Latter and ten neighbors and friends gathered to paint the cross the colors of the LGBTQ rainbow flag. They drank champagne and changed the locks so the original owner can no longer move it ― they’re now calling it “The Love Cross.”

As for the cross’ original owner, Latter and the residents of Gay St. just have one message: “Sorry you can’t move the cross anymore.  We added our own love lock to your chain and superglued both key holes. The Love Cross belongs to the street now, so thank you!””

Read the full fabulous story via the HERE

Love Wins!

photo credit: MICAH LATTER

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