The Hilarious lyrics Trump sang during the National Anthem:: VIDEO

Admittedly, The Star Spangled Banner is not the easiest song to sing and many performers have blown it in spectacular fashion, including Trump voter Rosanne.

But when you have literally made a federal case about people disrespecting the flag, National Anthem and the military (again, they were never disrespecting anything. They were exercising the freedom of expression to protest systemic racism and injustice in America.) you damn well better know the words to the song yourself!

(video still)

You absolutely should know it when you’re the President of that country and the Commander in Chief of its military.  For someone like Trump who says he’s “…like really smart” and a “genius” that should easily be a no-brainer.

But Dotard Donald was lucky to remember to put his hand over his heart without Melania by his side this time

But we all know Cheeseburger Brains, whiffed the National Anthem Monday night, but what was he actually singing?  Lucky for us the good people at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert were able to isolate his vocals.

The side eye from the studly soldier is priceless!

(video still)



— Wanna fuck in the locker room?

— Biggest cock tops?

— Copy that


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