“Special Books by Special Kids” told by a Very Special Guy


Sometimes we come across a person and a story that so touches our heart that it actually restores our faith in humanity.  Chris Ulmer is one of those people with just such a story.  In fact he has many many stories and gave up his teaching career to try to tell them in a project he calls, “Special Book by Special Kids.”

According to the BBC,

“Special Books by Special Kids (SBSK), is the brainchild of Chris Ulmer, who worked for three years as a special education teacher in Florida

“The students in my class were amazing. They were funny, engaging and charismatic,” Chris says.

“But the rest of our neighborhood didn’t really understand them. Nobody valued them. I wanted to show off these individuals and help them show the world what they had to offer.”

After trying to tell the stories in a book (“It was rejected by over 50 publishers”, he laughs), Chris began to film interviews with his students and post them on social media.

He refers to his subjects as “neurodiverse”. It means everyone’s brain is diverse and when you respect that idea, you begin to see that everyone is the same,” he explains.

Read the full story via BBC.com HERE

ABC News name Chris Ulmer and his Special Kids “America Strong”  

(Take the 2 minutes to watch this story.   It will make your day)


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“Everyone has the ability to change someone’s life.” – Chris Ulmer

Thank you Chris!  You certainly have changed ours.



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