SNL’s Singing Mall Elves are lit AF: VIDEO

If “One Million Moms” have a problem with two women kissing during their wedding in a commercial on the Hallmark Channel, then those 26K homophobes who got Hallmark to take it off the air are going to have shit fit when they get a load of Saturday Night Live’s new singing mall elves.

The first rule of show business is “the show must go on” but sometimes you get more than you bargained for when the only people who fit the elf costumes are from the hair extensions kiosk.  Meet Wonderous Williams and Donna DuPrice who are keepin’ it 100 this Christmas with some fierce new beats crafted by L’Toni Gayrage.

One Million Moms should pay special attention to the second track about Mrs Claus gettin’ her needs met by a gang of elves.  If ever there was anybody in desperate need of some good peen to make them see Jesus, it’s those bitches. Okurrrr!

(be sure to watch the kid in the lower left when Mom is talking about Mrs Clause and the elves)


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