Rep. Brian Sims Schools Homophobic Facebook Troll

Don’t Mess With Sims!

Openly gay Pennsylvania State Rep. (and one of theOUTfront’s favorite Democrats) Brian Simms knows to how to handle a homophobic racist Facebook troll.  You call his Grandmother.  Oh Snap!

Via is the Facebook post between the troll called “David” and Sims.

According to

“The homophobic troll, who we will only refer to as David, was stupid enough to write the posts under his own name – and Sims got revenge in the best way, using information on the troll’s own Facebook page.

Mr Sims’ reply has since gone viral.

The lawmaker explained to CNN: “Reaching his grandmother was certainly something I never intended to do… normally when someone like that uses that language, it’s because of something I’ve done.

Dialing the number that was publicly available on the troll’s Facebook, he got in touch with the grandmother, who was “very frustrated and disappointed” with her grandson’s homophobic actions.

The grandmother promised to get her grandson to call Mr Sims and apologize.”

But the story doesn’t end there.  Read how this all played out via HERE

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