Relentless: Julian Edelman, a memoir

In last summer’s ESPN Body Issue 2017, football superstar Julian Edelman revealed nearly every inch of his stunning masculine physique, and theOUTfront was proud to feature it… um… him!

Julian Edelman shows everything “butt” his…


But in a cruel twist of fate in the final pre-season game, Edelman suffered a season ending injury two months later.  In an interview on Good Morning America, he said watching his team play this season without him “is like watching someone else kiss your girlfriend.”  Still it’s not keeping Julian Edelman down because as he tells in his new memoir he’s learned to be Relentless.


Being butt-ass naked on the pages of a magazine may be revealing; but to opening up about your life, difficulties as a child and being a “perpetual underdog” can be much harder.

What’s not to love about this guy?  He’s hot, hilarious, and hardworking.  (Even if he’s not homosexual, he just might make a beautiful gay baby!)

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