@RealBenCarson calls African SLAVES brought to America Immigrants #Moron

Last week Dr. Ben Carson was confirmed as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and tonight in his first speech to the department he demonstrated he isn’t qualified to be Secretary of an outhouse.   

Carson, who has previously stated he believes the Great Pyramid at Giza was built for grain storage, actually said according to The Guardian , [African] “slaves were ‘immigrants’ who imagined the US as a ‘land of dreams and opportunity.'”

Before the inevitable Trump Administration claims that he was misquoted, let’s watch the video.


What kind of moron says something that insulting about his own people and history?  He is not a “credit to his race” or the the human race for that matter.  

African slaves didn’t immigrate with a dream of a better life in America.  They were stolen from their homelands, sold as property, and shackled in the bottom of those ships.  Ben Carson should be utterly ASHAMED of himself for implying, let alone saying anything less.

The Guardian goes on to say,

“Enslaved Africans were, of course, not immigrants, and were transported in the cramped, disease-infested holds of ships while shackled stationary as property of “new world” and European corporations. The enslaved had virtually no knowledge of where they were being taken, and less than 10% of the tens of millions of Africans transported wound up on the shores of the US, with a majority landing in South America and the Caribbean.”

Full report from The Guardian here

One can only begin to imagine the pain and outrage in the African American Community caused by Carson’s incomprehensible words and theOUTfront stands with them.


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