Pulse Nightclub Memorial Plans Released

The 49 people killed; 53 people wounded; and countless lives scared by the massacre at the Pulse nightclub will be forever memorialized by 2020.

In addition to the memorial, the site of the attack will feature a museum of artifacts and stories from the horrific night of June 12, 2016. 

The Pulse shooting is the largest hate crime against LGBTs since the 1973 arson fire of the UpStairs Lounge in New Orleans killing 32 and largest mass shooting in American history period.

According to PINKNews.com.

Owner Barbara Poma told press today in front of the site that the newly assembled board of her charity, the onePULSE Foundation, would make the memorial a reality.

She told reporters: “The community most impacted by this horrible event in our history should determine the future of the Pulse site and how their loved ones and the events of that day should be memorialized.

Poma added that she was “awestruck by how many people have stepped up and committed their hearts to this project.”

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 (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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